Deburring Steel

Deburring Steel

Deburring Steel is the process of removing rough edges and ridges to give the steel a smooth perfct finish. Steel products are hard to cut or produce without faults, and deburring is a process to remove the faults.

There are several ways of deburring steel, it can be done manually or automatically, so it depends on cost or volume versus manual labour. Small businesses may deburr manually but larger operations are more likely to use automated methods.

The reason for deburring is to prevent damage and poor quality in machinery where burrs would affect the longevity and operation of machines with steel components and can also be a risk to machine operators.


The Process

Small deburring operations can be done by hand, using files, sandpapers, planes or files, and it is a job that can be put down and picked up in between other jobs, this is why a small enterprise may deburr by hand. Larger deburring jobs are done by machines such as punchers and hole machines, which are precision and will be aimed at the burr. Brushing is another burr removal option, and like sanding, it is abrasive and brushes the burr away. Thermal, abrasive and chemical burring break the burr down in their own individual ways. The methods used for burring depend on the type of steel product being created as well as the size of operation and the costs.