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How to improve communication within a company

How to improve communication within a company

It is one of the hardest things for human beings to effectifely carry out: communication. It seems so easy, yet it so often goes horribly wrong. For companies this can be a real issue, as miscommunication or a lack of openness can lead to misinterpreted or misinformed decisions. Therefore, this blog will give some tips on how to improve communication within a firm!


One of the key things for open and effective communication is by stimulating employees to share their knowledge! Especially in hierarchical firms this can be an issue. Proactive idea sharing or criticism can be seen as a threat to the company’s culture and strategies and is therefore not always appreciated. Yet, this openminded and critical mindset could in fact enhance the performance of a company. It is therefore important to stimulate such openness.

Business systems

Business systems also have an influence on how well information is shared within a firm. Departments are prone to keeping information within their department. This might be because of internal competition or because employees don’t feel like the information is important to other departments. This can lead to a silo-effect. This can have a negative impact on the firm’s performance as crucual information might not be available to the right parties. To solve this, firms should pay attention to the quality of their business architecture. IT can really help in facilitating effective communication by stimulating and enabling employees to share information. One good software to use for this is Bluedolphin. This software collects information in a single space, so employees can ultimately contribute to the success of the firm by sharing valuable information!

CFD broker reviews

CFD broker reviews

Who is the best CFD broker and where I should open an account? This is a question that’s often asked. There is no right or wrong answer. Some traders are happy with a CFD broker, while others prefer another online broker. A way to find a reliable CFD broker is to read CFD broker reviews.

Some factors to consider

There are a lot of CFD brokers. Some of these brokers offer customers a free demo account, which allow you to test the trading platform from the CFD broker. Choosing a reliable and suitable broker is not so easy. Some factors to consider are:

  • The functions on the trading platform
  • The minimum deposit
  • The counterparty risk
  • Extra offers, like for example: free education, webinars and seminars, trading signals or daily analysis

Reading CFD broker reviews

Reading CFD broker reviews gives you an insight what other people experienced using a CFD broker. Genuine reviews can give you the right information, that you were looking for. It will influence your decision making process. You will discover what customers like or dislike about a CFD broker. There are many websites specialized in CFD broker reviews. A trustable website only list brokers that operate in an officially regulated environment.

Best time to buy new shoes?

Best time to buy new shoes?

What is the best time to buy shoes? That is a question we get frequently, and then crazy enough especially by women. That proves it again that women are much more concerned with the price, than the male sex. They are buying just when it suits. Of course, there is a big difference between the price of shoes, and particularly shoes for the summer, between the sale, and at the start of the season.

You want to look just nice, or rather be running with the latest trends when it comes to summer shoes, then we can only recommend to look directly at summer shoes, once they begin to trickle into the shop. And you should therefore also take a briefly the weather, because when the weather starts to improve, the various summer shoes are put up for sale in the online stores. So it’s not as if suddenly all summer shoes are in the shop, but they come in during the winter of spring season. Often it is already at the end of the winter period, early in the spring. So when the snow still falls, it is the best time to start looking for summer shoes. So really soon after the winter sale, which often takes place in January. For that matter, you can also look for nice summer shoes in the winter sale. Although, not in the latest fashions.


Buy in the season or in the winter sale

The summer clearance sale does not always have a lot of summer shoes on offer. Oddly enough, there are many fun summer shoes in the summer clearance sale to get cheap, if it is a bad and wet summer. Just such a bad summer, so nobody wants to buy new summer shoes. Is it a good summer on the other hand, most summer shoes are quickly sold out, and there are few summer shoes in the summer clearance sale.

You can find very nice shoes in the cleanup sale, but it’s almost always models of past years. Since fashion every year is different, and that is especially applicable to shoes, you might not walk in shoes that are totally hot and hip. Would you want that, then you should not wait too long to buy new shoes. Keep in mind that there are often two seasons in between. So late winter, the new summer collection, late spring the new autumn collection, and so on. You will of course pay the full price, and not as in the cleanup sale only 30 to 50% of the full price. Online you can also buy shoes in the clearance sale, just look for it. About prices there is a lot more to say. If you buy shoes online, you often have to pay shipping costs. And delivery might be a long time.

So while shopping for shoes, look at the online shop for next day delivery shoes. What that means? If you buy shoes before a certain time, the shop sends the shoes to you with delivery the next day. Often if you buy at the online shop before 3 PM. Some online shops also offer free next day delivery, such as if you buy shoes with Amazon Prime, and more shops.

Prepaid sim card Europe is cheaper than you thought

Prepaid sim card Europe is cheaper than you thought

Prepaid sim card Europe

Best discovery for traveling

I discovered a prepaid sim card Europe and it was the best thing! I never realized how much money I could save by just getting another sim card. Using internet in another country is very expensive and most of the deals your own provider gives you, are little. You can use internet for a few minutes a day and a few days at most. With this sim card I can use internet for a full month up to twice a year.

Prepaid sim card Europe

Because I love to travel

As you maybe already know, I travel a lot. Sometimes I go together with other people and we stay in nice hotels. Sometimes I go by myself and I even end up camping in the middle of nowhere. At this point it is very important to get in touch with the outside world when you need to. Nature doesn’t have WiFi, so these prepaid cards are the best solution.

When I go out and about by myself I usually take another phone with me too, so an empty battery is never an excuse for wild animals to eat me. In the first phone I use my own sim card in the second I use the one with a prepaid option for Europe, for example. This phone is always turned off until I really need the internet. I call this ‘camping WiFi’!

Travelling is made easy again with these options. I don’t even need WiFi in hotels anymore! What is your excuse for staying at home?