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Advantages of renting a car when going on a holiday

Advantages of renting a car when going on a holiday

Are you going on a holiday to The Netherlands and are you wondering if you should rent a car? Then look no further, you have arrived on the right page! The Netherlands is known for its beautiful surroundings and wonderful landscapes. Most people would say these are perfect for traveling and taking pictures. However, the main questions remains: is it better to rent a car or just take public transport? Luckily we will explain this and more! Want to find out? Read further!


Renting a car can give you several advantages when going on a vacation in The Netherlands. This is because you will be able to enjoy the wonderful landscapes when you want to. Traveling with public transport gives you a lot of disadvantages. For example, it is very expensive for tourists. While Dutch people get a lot of discount for public transport trips, tourists do not. Therefore, it is recommended to rent a car to save money. When you are traveling with more people you can really save a lot of cash, because you can split the costs. Four people in one car is cheaper than four individual train tickets.

Where can you rent a car in The Netherlands?

When you want to rent a car there are luckily a lot of spots you can do so. You don’t even have to walk in a shop. These days it is possible to reserve a car via the internet. The biggest website who provide this service at the moment is Of course there are a lot of others who will provide you with the same service. Because The Netherlands isn’t that big, you can easily travel through it. With a car you can do so on your own accord.

Apartments for rent in Eindhoven: take a look here

Apartments for rent in Eindhoven: take a look here

Apartments for rent in Eindhoven A while back I was looking for apartments for rent in Eindhoven. My boss asked me about a year ago if I was interested in working in The Netherlands. Our company was expanding a lot in this time and he had to find someone willing to go there. Since I have no kids, boyfriend of animals, I can go anywhere I want. This was a big job opportunity for me, because I wanted to go abroad for a longer time. The moment he asked me, I instantly said yes.

Beautiful apartments for rent in Eindhoven

When I was searching for ‘apartments for rent in Eindhoven’ I stumbled upon Stoit Group. This company specialized in rental to foreigners. That’s the reason I eventually contacted them, because I still had some questions about the requirements. The woman I talked to on the phone was really nice and had a lot of knowledge about foreign employment contracts. After this conversation I knew what I needed to do to qualify for a house in this area. The next day I immediatly contacted my boss to ask him for the necessary documents. Within a couple of days I received them in my mailbox and I forwarded them to the employee I talked to on the phone. She sent me a confirmation of receival, so that I knew she was working on them.

The perfect residence

Apartments for rent in Eindhoven

Some time later I received multiple apartments for rent in Eindhoven from her. Making the choice wasn’t that hard, because one of the homes was exactly what I was looking for. After choosing I had to sign multiple agreements before the rent was finalized. When you are in the position I am in, I can really recocmend getting in touche with Stoit. They will help you to the best of their ability!