incredible wedding DJ’s

incredible wedding DJ’s

Do you want to hire a wedding DJ that will turn your wedding evening into an amazing party? Than take a look at our list of wedding DJ’s. We already give you 4 ideas.

DJ Maximuss

Party DJ ‘Maximuss’ is the name of a team which exists of six top DJ’s. They all have a long-term experience in playing at weddings. By hiring one of this DJ’s, you are sure the evening will become one big danceparty!

DJ Kix

Both love to listen to 80’s or 90’s songs? Than DJ Kix is the best choice for your wedding. This DJ made a playlist with the best songs from this period. DJ Kix let you turn back in the time of the 80’s and the 90’s and you will experience an awesome evening.

DJ Collective Band

The DJ Collective Band is more than just a DJ. It’s a mix of a DJ and musicians. For example: a DJ and a saxophonist, a DJ and a singer, a DJ and a rapper or a DJ and a percussionist. There are many possibilities. A performance of a DJ with a musician makes you dance all night long.

John & Mr. Smith

John & Mr. Smith is an excellent choice for your wedding party. This duo is performing together for a long time. The saxophonist improvises towards the songs the DJ plays. This duo brings your wedding party to the next level with their energetic beats.