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Deburring Steel

Deburring Steel

Deburring Steel is the process of removing rough edges and ridges to give the steel a smooth perfct finish. Steel products are hard to cut or produce without faults, and deburring is a process to remove the faults.

There are several ways of deburring steel, it can be done manually or automatically, so it depends on cost or volume versus manual labour. Small businesses may deburr manually but larger operations are more likely to use automated methods.

The reason for deburring is to prevent damage and poor quality in machinery where burrs would affect the longevity and operation of machines with steel components and can also be a risk to machine operators.


The Process

Small deburring operations can be done by hand, using files, sandpapers, planes or files, and it is a job that can be put down and picked up in between other jobs, this is why a small enterprise may deburr by hand. Larger deburring jobs are done by machines such as punchers and hole machines, which are precision and will be aimed at the burr. Brushing is another burr removal option, and like sanding, it is abrasive and brushes the burr away. Thermal, abrasive and chemical burring break the burr down in their own individual ways. The methods used for burring depend on the type of steel product being created as well as the size of operation and the costs.

Used Gearboxes for Different Machine Applications

Used Gearboxes for Different Machine Applications

The gearbox is an essential part of any automobiles and machines since it operates in handy with the driveshaft and clutch to modify an engine output. Getting an excellent gearbox will help in achieving a smooth transition in varying motorways. We can help you find the perfect transmission for any machine models to save a substantial amount of money. Selecting a gearbox can be quiet challenging due to the numerous varieties available to choose from, but a wrong decision could cost you a lot. We have compiled a review of several models along with some main specifications to look for when buying a second-hand gearbox.

Used gearboxes

Review of the Best Second-hand Gearboxes

The used twin disc MG509 is a perfect gearbox ideal for marine equipment to help in propulsion. It comes with a flexible coupling, an 11.5-inch rubber block drive with an aluminium ring that ideally aids in transmitting torque from one shaft to another even when misaligned. It also has a mechanical control input, and other specifications include 235 HP and 1800 revolutions per minute. We also have the well checked and refurbished Masson NGR marine gearbox with 480 HP, 1800 RPM, mechanical controls, and an 18-inch flexible coupling. The ZFW3200 used gearboxes features electronic controls, 828 HP, and operates in a large number of marine equipment by purely electronic means with lower emissions. It’s a high energy-saving transmission with increased efficiency in productivity.
Caterpillar (PTO) is well known for an exceptional 80 HP operating power, ease of operation, leading durability, and manually operated shifting options. The ZF 2050 1A is a direct or marine mount transmission suitable for high-performance applications with 1800 RMP, and 751 HP. It’s compatible with multiple propulsion systems and engines, guaranteeing long life and smooth running. Reintjes WAF 260 is a suitable high-speed gearbox for marine operations with a 311 HP and electrical controls offering a faster and seamless gear shifting times. The Advance D300A marine gearbox guarantees high power transmission with the 540 HP, and mechanical controls to provide higher efficiency. It’s also light in weight and facile to maintain due to the ease of dismantling and reassembling.
Twin Disc MG-5062V is a lightweight and compact marine transmission with a 430 HP and mechanical controls ideal for optimal vessel performance. Twin Disc MG-516 will exceed your expectations in marine transmission performance with 600 HP, automated controls, and 14-inch couplings for flexible installations. Twin Disc SP111-HP3 (PTO) features 80 HP and 2200 RMP, which creates a perfect application torque capacity for marine applications. It has mechanical controls that allow for more frequent and smooth engagement. The Twin Disc MG-6690 SC has electric controls, a 1514 HP, and an 18-inch flexible coupling perfect for exceptional productivity in marine machines. If you choose the Twin Disc MG-5091, it comes with a 275 HP, 1800RMP, and mechanical controls perfect for light, medium, intermediate, and continuous duty operations.

Used gearboxes

Buying Guide for a Second-hand Gearbox

If you wish to save on costs while purchasing a gearbox, we guarantee a high-quality option at an affordable price. Additionally, we provide guidelines to help you choose the best transmission that perfectly suits your machine model. First, ensure that you check the mileage by running a verification analysis from the donor machine or ask for the records that show the year of purchase. Choose the newest model or one with low mileage as evidence of how much life is left in it. Do a thorough check for leaks that could cost you on repairs. You can check on the transmission fluid levels to see if there any signs of drips after a given time. Also, do a visual inspection for any signs of cracks or damage to the gearbox. Go ahead and ask for the transmission history to determine any risk factors. You can also scrutinize the automobile’s body for any signs of collision or lots of bodywork that indicates involvement in a fatal accident.
To determine the perfect gearbox model for your machine, you need to establish its service factor based on the daily application periods, and vibrations involved during application. It will be best if you ask for the warranty details and determine whether it covers both labor and parts to know if it suits your needs. Also, perform a test on a transmission bench to confirm if it shifts seamlessly on all gears. In case you don’t have sufficient know-how about used gearboxes, you can ask for assistance from one of our experts to ensure that you choose a perfect option.

Used gearboxes


Based on your specifications, we provide the best gearbox solutions that fit your machine models at a fair price. The above guideline outlines various considerations that you can make before purchasing a gearbox and a clear review of several models to guide you through.

Deburring machine

Deburring machine

While working with metal it is important that the metal goes through a refining process called deburring. This is where sharp pieces sticking out of the metal or plastic are removed. That is why you need a deburring machine to make sure your end product is well refined.

How it works

Deburring machine

As we have said earlier the machine removes the really sticky and sharp pieces from the material. It also goes ahead to shape the edges into finer sides of the material. It’s like fine sanding the final product. The final products have to be appealing this is why this machine is vital. This refinement ensures that the metals are less dangerous to handle has it is at its best.


The machine is really flexible and easy to carry and work with. It can also be moved around easily, therefore, making sure you can work is convenient. This is something of handy for a great contractor. It is affordable and it is a must have when working with metals. Since it is portable you can work with it anywhere.

Burr removal machine

Burr removal machine

Processes involving cutting machinery come with the production of burrs; an unavoidable and irritating issue for every owner in the finishing and cutting machinery business. The small pieces of metal form as spikes or uneven edges on the used machinery parts. They will slow down your production process, can cause a less quality output and therefore they are costing you money. A solution for this problem is the Burr removal machine, developed by the Q-fin company.

Quality Finishing

Cost-effective solution

The Q-fin company is specialized in finishing and cutting machinery. They are very aware of the burring issues and because of that, they developed the burr removal machine. It is a cost-effective solution which reduce the stress and pressure put on your equipment. It will reduce fractures or other damaged caused over time. Because every step in the cutting process depends on precision and perfection, burring is a huge problem. The burr removal machine will take care of all the burrs and will continuously provide a smooth surface. This will contribute greatly in maintaining a high quality production process with perfect cuttings and smooth edges. And off course, saving time is saving money. So let the Q-fin team inform you right away about all the advantages of the burr removal machine.